COVID and Crabcakes

One year in to a global pandemic, and we're all still navigating the tricky waters of reconciling face masks with our social lives. We've sacrificed time with loved ones, closeness with friends, and put so much on hold in order to keep ourselves and our communities safe. It's been tough, to say the least, and we keep on trudging forward, hopeful for the light at the end of the tunnel.

We've also slowly learned how to reconcile our need to take care of our mental health with our need to, frankly, party. Party hard, even people who never used to be partiers. A Carrie and Big scene from Sex and the City 2 comes to mind - it's been circulating everywhere lately: "Yes! Yes. I'm dying to be pushed and shoved in a crowd and eat bad catered food!" (I feel that deep in my soul. Hand me a cold crabcake and a clutch -- I've got shoes I'm dying to wear.)

With this reconciliation has come a lot of creativity: drive-by baby showers, masked micro-weddings, and Zoom birthday parties. We ask ourselves, How can we still be together within this completely miserable framework? We do this because our connections to each other are more powerful than any pandemic. Our desire to celebrate life and share our love -- even amidst deep, collective grief -- will win any day. I've been in Oklahoma City six short months and have already witnessed the sense of true community, camaraderie, and strength shared by everyone here.

And with the advent of spring arriving in a few short weeks, we're feeling hopeful again. Even our most cautious of friends might venture out to laugh under open air, in the warmth of the sun, with a good drink, the perfect salty-crunchy bite, and a gooey cookie. We know just how much the little things have come to mean, and that's why The Curated Home Co. is here: to help you celebrate having made it, enjoy the company of your favorite people, and do that all stress-free.

Can't wait to see you.

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