5 Tips for Hosting at Home

Spring is here, and I am HERE for it. I don't know about you, but the extra daylight, blue skies, and flowers blooming make my mood flip sunny side up. Life just feels more easeful when you can be out and about without having to put on tons of winter gear and plan around bad weather. Spring, to me, also means more entertaining. During January and February, most people are holiday-ed out and feeling blah, but when March rolls around, everyone is ready to get together again.

I'm so excited to start hosting and planning our own small events in Oklahoma City. We're both vaccinated, never got to do a housewarming party, and have some special occasions coming up. Whether you are a hosting pro or could use some tips for hosting at home, here are a few ideas that will make your next get-together special:

  1. Go seasonal. You don't need to decorate with bunnies and eggs for spring if that's not your jam, but giving a nod to the season is a definite "do." Get inspired by the flowers you've been seeing in your feed or go to the market and pick out seasonal vegetables that would go perfectly in a salad or dipped in homemade hollandaise sauce.

  2. Give people something to hold. People love to be greeted with a drink to cradle while you wrap up finishing touches or a snack to nibble on as people trickle in. Don't overthink it if you're focused on bigger tasks -- have some sparkling lemonade on hand with the option to spike it and put some glazed nuts and popcorn in a few pretty bowls. Done and done.

  3. Think of the details. Throw a sprig of mint on top of lemonade glasses, make sure you've got fresh towels and soap in the guest bathroom, and have a scented candle burning (away from where the food is displayed, unless you want your crostini to taste like Capri Blue). People notice thoughtful, intentional touches, and you'll look like a pro.

  4. Outsource what overwhelms you. If you make a killer lasagna but are terrified of baking, order a cake from a local bakery. If you're great at introducing guests but have no idea how to make a good playlist, ask a friend to connect theirs to your speaker. In life and in hosting, it's good to rely on our strengths and ask for help when needed.

  5. Take deep breaths. Just because you're coordinating everything doesn't mean you don't get to have a good time. The whole point of hosting people at your home is for you all to enjoy each other's company -- yourself included! No one is going to be a Miranda Priestly about anything. It's all going to be just fine!

Let me know in the comments which tip has been most helpful for you!

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